Tea Experience

If you want the same old same old afternoon tea – the one tea bag or two, the day old scones that stick to the roof of your mouth, the young waiter or waitress who would prefer to text their mates than talk to you…. then don’t come to Thyme. 

We offer a sumptuous range of leisurely afternoon tea options. If you prefer a more savoury feel then try out “Arthur’s Winter Warmer High Tea” – offering a generous serving of our famous buck rarebit (or finger sandwiches), delicious savoury scones served with cream cheese, and a choice of all our cakes that are made daily. 

You might be of a sweeter disposition, in which case a “Nanny Mabel’s” may be more to your liking. Finger sandwiches are followed by freshly baked sweet scones, the aroma of which will have delighted your senses as you eat your first succulent sandwich.  Again, your tea is topped off with a choice of freshly made cakes and pastries. 

No afternoon tea would be complete without a lovely cup of tea. We currently have a range of over 41 quality black, green/black, green and white teas to savour – experiment with new tastes and flavours or stick with your favourites…